This post summarises how the concept, objectives and approach of DRALOD project are perfectly aligned with the objectives of the Fast Track to Innovation programme of the European Commission.

FTI targets relatively mature, ground-breaking new technologies, concepts, processes and business models that need final development to be able to shape a new market and achieve wider deployment”

DRALOD is relatively mature technology (TRL6), as it builds on a validated solar system for BSG drying, however developments are needed to leverage it as a smart combined solar-biomass system with energy recovery, as a ground breaking air drying system of very high commercial potential, promoting circular economy strategies.

FTI accelerates the market uptake of ground-breaking innovations

This project is aimed to run an ambitious pilot for the demonstration and validation of DRALOD technology-The pilot plant is designed to be a European flagship of how the use of renewable energies for sustainable drying process can lead to profitable business opportunities. DRALOD pilot plant will be fully devoted to research, demonstration and dissemination, during and after this project.

FTI accelerates company growth and development in order to strengthen Europe’s industrial leadership

This is an industry-driven project. Partner SMEs L. PERNíA and ÖKOTHERM will undertake a rapid growth upon a successful validation of DRALOD plant, leading to a major increase of our annual turnover by year 5 of DRALOD commercialisation, and generating revenue to other European enterprises in our supply chains.

Furthermore, this DRALOD project is aligned with strategic R&D priorities of the H2020 programme, under the work programme for Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials, in relation promoting a circular economy strategy by fostering the reuse of waste from the food processing industry. Towards this aim, DRALOD proposes a sustainable drying based on renewable energy also contributing to resource efficiency by valorisation of food waste as cattle feed and nutraceuticals.

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DRALOD is co-funded by the European Commision - Horizon 2020 Programme - under Grant Agreement 820554