The works for the implementation of DRALOD pilot plant started in December 2019. The pilot plant is located in Chiloeches (Spain). Sited in the centre of the country, it has an excellent local availability of the selected types of wastes from relevant food processor industries in the region.

The DRALOD pilot plant implementation works have started with the installation of the solar roof structure, under the leadership of L. PERNIA SA. The solar roof is based on SolarWall technology, responsible for producing hot air through solar radiation. In the solar air heating field, Solarwall technology is the global leader technology with installations in many countries. The SolarWall technology is based on the use of micro-perforated metal collectors that create negative pressure in the air cavity when they are heated by solar radiation. The amount of air flow through the perforations is controlled by ventilation fans, to maintain a consistent draw across the entire solar surface achieving the highest energy efficiency.

In DRALOD pilot plant, the solar roof will integrate 2500 m2 of solar panels and will produce 180000 m3/h of heated air. The solar roof installation is the first step in the pilot plant implementation process. The installation of the other systems will follow. Step by step!

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DRALOD is co-funded by the European Commision - Horizon 2020 Programme - under Grant Agreement 820554