Project partner RISE will participate in the 23rd Conference on process integration, modelling and optimisation for energy serving and pollution reduction (PRES´20), on 17th to 21st of August 2020. PRES conferences have a 23-year tradition of knowledge dissemination with a focus on addressing global challenges in energy, water, pollution, and sustainability using classical chemical engineering approaches. In this edition, PRES´20 was meant to take place in Xi’an but, due to COVID-19, it will finally be a virtual conference.

In this conference, RISE will communicate results achieved in the framework of DRALOD project. They will present an analysis of the integration of a Heat Recovery Unit into a system comprising of both solar and biomass-based preheating of air to a low temperature drying plant, from an economic perspective. Their work entitled “Design and Integration of Heat Recovery in Combination with Solar and Biomass-based Heating in a Drying Plant” will be presented as an oral contribution. It has also been accepted as a paper for publication in Chemical Engineering Transactions.

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