The kick-off meeting for DRALOD project has taken place on the 5th and 6th of September 2018, in Guadalajara (Spain). The project partners have met at L. Pernía´s facilities for a two days working session.

The KoM has been headed by the Project Coordinator Mr Perez and his technical team at L. Pernía SA. This meeting has brought together to the technical leaders from each partcipant institutions, Mr Dobler and Mr Schneider from Ökotherm, Dr Büchner and Dr Zeng from DBFZ and Dr Nordman and Dr Benson from RISE. During the KOM fruitful discussions have been initiated, establishing our action plan for the coming weeks.

As part of the KOM, the project partners visited L. Pernía´s solar drying plant, fully devoted to the drying of Brewer´s Spent Grain from a local brewery industry.This solar drying plant is the departure point for DRALOD project which is aimed to enhance current drying capacity and energy efficiency of the process, by means of a smart combination of solar and biomass heating, supported by advanced energy recovery technologies.

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DRALOD is co-funded by the European Commision - Horizon 2020 Programme - under Grant Agreement 820554