Project partner DBFZ attended the 28th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition on the 6th to 9th of July 2020. They presented their first results of the Aspen Plus simulations for the investigation of a low-temperature drying process based on a combination of solar and biomass energy, with many operational parameters effecting the system performance, as part of DRALOD project. Their work entitled “Renewables-Based Drying Technology for Cost-Effective Valorization of Waste from the Food Processing Industry” was presented by Dr Özge Çepeliogullar Mutlu as a part of the Session on “Solid Biofuels and Innovative Approaches for Biomass Use in Small to Large Scale Combustion Systems” (Session reference 2BV.2.6) as a poster which you can find below.

The E-EUBCE 2020 is a leading conference for the biomass specialists across Europe. The EUBCE is supported by European and international organizations such as the European Commission, UNESCO Natural Sciences Sector, the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE), the European Biomass Industry Association (EUBIA), The Central European Initiative, The Global Bioenergy Partnership and other organisations. This year for the first time the EUBCE was an entirely virtual conference due to ongoing Covid19 pandemic.

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