The DRALOD Project held its 5th Consortium meeting on November 27, 2020.Tweleve representatives of the 4 participant entities joined in an online meeting to discuss and define the first steps of the project.

The meeting started with the R&D engineer at L.PERNIA, Tomas Sanchez, guiding all participants through a tour around the Pilot Plant installations, on streaming. Due to the current situation, this was the first visual contact with the DRALOD Pilot Plant for project partners RISE, DBFZ and A.P. Bioenergietechnik GmbH (ÖKOTHERM). The Consortium Meeting continued with presentations on each work package, summarising the work done in the last 6 months and presenting plans for the months ahead. The consortium discussed on short terms actions aimed to initiate the Pilot Plant demonstration period.

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DRALOD is co-funded by the European Commision - Horizon 2020 Programme - under Grant Agreement 820554