DRALOD Consortium held its 4th Project Meeting at DBFZ´s offices in Leipzig, on the 6th of November 2019. The meeting took place the day after that the Consortium was informed of a favourable review for our Reporting Period 1 technical documents, corresponding to the first 12 months of the Project execution.

In Leipzig, representatives of L. PERNIA, A. P. Bioenergietechnik, RISE and DBFZ have shared the advancements achieved over the last months, discussed on the progress to be delivered in the next period and coordinated the future tasks. In last October, the Consortium achieved a major milestone, by delivering the design of the DRALOD pilot plant. The DRALOD pilot plant will be installed in Chiloeches (Guadalajara, Spain) with access to waste products from a large variety of food processing industry (breweries, sugar refineries, wine, fruit juice, olive oil industries, among others), in a radius of less than 200 km. The construction works of the building structure that will house the DRALOD pilot plant were finalised the week before the meeting. The next step is the installation of the Solar Wall roof-top for solar air heating, to be started in the coming days.

We will keep you posted on progress of DRALOD Pilot plant implementation.

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